Feel Safe

Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés

Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés

Capacity control at the reception and interpersonal distancing

Definition of a maximum number of people depending on the area available at the reception. Placement of distance markers, indicated by vinyls, posters and informative stickers.

Disinfectant rugs at the entrance and presence of disinfection stations

Installation of disinfection rugs at the entrances to the hotel to prevent the entry and spread of contaminating agents.

Availability of hydrogel solution at reception for use by guests.

Disinfection of the magnetic keys of each room and of the dataphone after any contact and use between guests.

Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés
Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés

Protective screens and personal protective equipment

Installation of protective partitions at the reception desk to ensure proper separation.

Wearing of masks by the reception team.

Management of digitized invoices

Invoices sent by email after the stay and payment recommended by credit card, in order to minimize the possibility of contact.

Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés
Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés

Thorough facility disinfection and adequate ventilation

High frequency in the disinfection and cleaning of common areas, surfaces and furniture, reinforcing the areas and zones of greater traffic such as elevators and corridors.

More frequent cleaning of air filters and increased ventilation levels in air conditioning systems to renew the air more regularly.

Capacity control and space adequacy

Redistribution and removal of furniture to facilitate space sanitation and ensure that safety distances are preserved.

Control to avoid overcrowding, as well as a thorough review of circulation flows in the facility.

Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés
Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés

Disinfection stations

Uninterrupted access to information of general interest through posters at reception and in common areas.

Communication of prevention measures in place and services available to guests.

Controlled use of elevators

As in high traffic areas, special care will be taken in the elevator access and landing areas. Control of the number of users per ride.

Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés
Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés

Cleaning of switches, knobs, handles, and other frequent contact points

Disinfection of windows, doors, cabinet knobs and drawers.

Includes a thorough cleaning of all high contact elements such as lamps and switches or air conditioning control.

Frequent disinfection of telephone / TV or AC controls present in the rooms.

Treatment of surfaces and furnishings, bathroom and adequate ventilation

Thorough cleaning of all surfaces with Ministry of Health approved virucidal cleaning products.

Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of walls and countertops. Also cleaning and disinfection of shower and faucet, toilet and bath.

Ventilation of rooms while cleaning tasks are being carried out.

Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés